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Monday, July 6, 2009

My 5 Reasons Why I Choose To Go In New Zealand

A journey to a thousand miles is one of the situation which we can meet our success in life. For me, If I will given a chance to visit a certain country, for sure I choose New Zealand. Why? Because of many reasons I have to fulfill my dreams to go in New Zealand.

of my reason is, I want to see the breath taking beauty of natures there,
, I want to see and experience the hospitality of people around the country,
Third one, I want to learn the culture of New Zealand,
, I want to see the famous universities of the country, and
Lastly, I want to study there because I found out that New Zealand is known already to be one of the study destination all over the world because of the quality of educational system rendered by the top universities there. If I were you, I decide to go in New Zealand adopting my 5 reasons why should I go in New Zealand.

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